Monday, June 27, 2011

The Waters Are Receding

The crest came Sunday. The waters are now receding and that may take a few weeks. Broadway still closed to civilian traffic. We will have to put off our regular meetings for a while. I will inform you of next meeting and location. Interesting that prayer groups, prayer events, and scams are popping up now in relation to the flood. Be careful if someone you don't know or can correctly identify themselves as being with a legit charity or recovery organization approaches you for donations. If God was so helpful with some flood victims, such as someone all of sudden showing up with a trailer from Alberta, why didn't he just prevented the flood altogether. Then I heard he was just testing us. Then why does he have to continuously test some at some times and not others. Wouldn't it make more sense if chance and mother natures random workings explain more than an omniscient God? Oh, well, we are on our way to recovery now. It will be a long haul. If you can help out with money donated to legit organizations or with friends and family then do so. We also now have a Facebook page so go look it up.
Skeptical DoDo

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