Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Delta Airlines Is Putting Their Passengers Health at Risk

There is a so called public safety video that Delta Airlines is showing to its passengers. It is about avoiding the flu. It has accepted techniques like coughing into your elbow etc. But it is really a slick propaganda peice for the antivaxer with the final comment that the flu vaccine doesn't help. It is put out by the National Vaccine Information Center with their website. It is really an antivax site. Why did Delta put this on? This is truly irresponsible. Another airline American is airing a public safety video expounding on the value of vaccines and recommending them. I think this truly affects us in Minot, because Delta is the prime carrier here and has been for a while. Sign the following petition to get Delta to pull the video at; www.change.org/petitions/tell-delta-to-stop-putting-their-passengers-health-at-risk.
Peace Skeptical DoDo

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Guy McCardle said...

In my humble opinion, the anti vaxers are being very sneaky in the ways they are getting their messages across. They are making it seem like mainstream medical information when it is really disinformation. I hope someone will put an end to it soon.

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