Friday, October 24, 2008

My wife came home the other day with a product that she bought at W___mart. It was a spray for energy. It said it should not be used in those sensitive to caffeine. The ingredients had B6 and B12 in it and no caffeine. I looked at her and said you know this is BS? She said she wants to try it. So there are companies and reputable stores that sell junk. The only way B complex vitamins are going to give you energy is if you are deficient in them and have the resulting anemia. I have been trying to find the product, but she hid it.

I got my copy of Skeptical Inquirer today and found a table by David A. Levy called THE EMPEROR'S POSTMODERN CLOTHES. A BREIF GUIDE TO DECONSTRUCTING ACADEMICALLY FASHIONABLE PHRASES FOR THE UNINITIATED. I would like to recommend this to anyone who hears from the gulliable phrases like "All points of view are equally valid." To which the translation is "I am willing to abandon all logic and evidence just to maintain the illusion that I am being open-minded and fair." There are others and I heartily recommend getting this publication.

To the society I have more than 2 dozens names and emails on the list. More are joining. So I feel good that this is maybe an idea that has come to Minot. The only worry is we live in a red state with primitive ideas and beliefs. Hope to see you all at he next meeting November 15. If you dont have the time and place please post here and I will put you on the list.

Skeptical DoDo

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