Tuesday, November 11, 2008

History Channel

I was watching an interesting show on the History channel about the brain. It also talked about its evolution. Then it got into wu by talking about possible sixth senses and pyschics and of all people John Edwards. University of Arizona is doing research and their researcher thinks Edwards is legit. I call BS. From my previous blog on my colleague who did a fellowship at Arizona in Integrative Medicine, I am now starting to become a little skeptical about anything coming out of Arizona. They needed to get Michael Shermer or James Randi on the show to shoot down Edwards and his tricks. He opperates by essentially 20 questions and cold reads his victims. To think a show that I used to admire for their shows, History Channel, has stooped to such BS is "unbelieveable". But they do have a show coming our about Einstein next week.

Skeptical DoDo

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Sam said...

I was watching "The Brain" last night too... I hate when the History Channel paints such pseudo-scientists as conducting legitimate research. Everything they said about John Edwards wasn't impressive at all, and only speaks of how good he is at reading people.