Monday, November 10, 2008

Well today was interesting in the paper. A Greek Orthodox priest and a Armenian priest fought over whether one could hold some ceremony without the other in one of the holist sites in Christianity, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. I've been there it is quite beautiful and historic. However, isn't religion suppose to be for peace. Seems they were fighting about ownership of parts of the church. In fact differect sects own, or say they have rights, to specific parts of the church. A ladder has been left in place for decades because there is no agreement over who has rights to the place it was put. Religion not only wants to force their beliefs on everyone else, but wants own their Gods also. And these priest are suppose to be both Christian, albiet different sects, but Christian never the less. The Israeli police had to come in with weapons and break up the fight and then arrested the two priest who were having a spiritual dissonance. I find it amuzing.

Skeptical Society meeting this Saturday at 7pm at the Center for Family Medicine Clinic building in the conference room. See you there.

Skeptical DoDo.

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Anonymous said...

Who says "religion" is supposed to be "for peace"? What does that mean exactly? In what context? What kind of peace? Not all religions believe the same thing. Does this mean no one can ever disagree with anyone else?

This statement ("isn't religion suppose [sic] to be for peace?") is either extremely lazy or extremely lacking in knowledge.