Friday, November 7, 2008

One of my colleagues I am very fond of, but she had a faculty development meeting Wed. She finished a fellowship in Integrative Medicine in Tucson Arizona under Andrew Weil. I kept my cool. But they believe that homeopathy and accupuncture and the sort has merit. The only merit is in the realm of placebo. She gave me articles supporting homeopathy and I gave her articles the next day from Science Based Medicine Blog "Puncturing the Myth of Accupuncture". It is interesting to note that she went through her books, papers etc. and then we help hands alla Cum By Ya. I am not sure if I have that last bit right. I also recommended a book by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst MD (the only holder of Prof. of Integrative and Alternative Medicine in the UK) called Trick or Treatment. It was published this last August and pretty thoroughly demolishes complimentry medicine. The thing I find interesting is believers refuse to look at evidence other than their own, which is often of very poor quality. They tend to believe anything is possible and when you go to that extreme you pass from the world of creditbility to the world of gullibility. The scary part is UND is considering having a fellowship in this junk and maybe here. I refuse to compromise my principals and go along. I dont want to hurt her, but I cannot be a party to such BULL____.

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