Friday, November 28, 2008

More Violence In the Name of God

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.
It would be far happier if the tragedy in India hadn't taken place. After 50 hours of constant battle more than 300 wounded and over 150 killed by islamic fundamentalist in Mumbai India.
They targeted Americans, British and Jews. They were probably home grown from what the news sources say, but with links to radical muslim groups like Al Quida. New tactics, spread out and take hostages and put under seige multiple sites in a city. Old tactic die for Allah or God. My plea to the so called peaceful religion that if you are truely peaceful then you have to criticize, put to shame and generally denounce the violence in the name of your religion. So far there hasn't been much from the so called moderates and those that have have been silenced by the clerics and others in the movement. The problem is like most religions is that you are schizophrenic you claim persecution, but at the same time perscute and intimediate others who do not "believe" the way you do. That in it self puts the true face of the religion, or any such religion public. The real danger is the potential backlash, the eye for an eye, tooth for tooth mentality which will only lead to more dangerous out comes. Think about it.

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