Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Final Thoughts for 08

We are heading into the final hours of 2008. Some will mourn and some will celebrate its passing. We are in the largest financial crisis since the great depression. I heard some say that it couldn't happen again because there were too many safeguards. Right, A good skeptic didn't believe them because he knows how human nature works. Our local sjukhust has started computerized order entry. It was and is touted as the the cure all for errors in health care and it would speed things up. Right, A good skeptic didn't believe that either. It might with time and a lot of tears, but the slowing of orders, the focus on the computer and not the patient has come to tax all concerned at the sjukhus. I heard it said that we are becoming too sophisticated to swallow magic. Right, We this holiday season have magnets being sold as the cure all for what ails you, homeopathy being pushed, a so called retired physician (who use to be respected) selling snake oil and charms to the gullible and when something goes wrong he doesn't acknowledge that he had anything to do with it. The religious nuts got their wind taken out of their sails somewhat, but they are regrouping for another assualt. Evidence is India, the middle east, europe, and here. The idea of political correctness is again taking center stage and that opens and bends the door to wu wu. It is going to be a never ending fight, but one that must be fought. If not for our sakes, but for our children, their children, etc, and for the future.

But, we have made a great step forward. The Minot Skeptical Society and started and with good attendence and enthusiasm. We got recognition to day in the local press. The future is not known, but without effort we know which direction it will take. So I am one to celebrate the beginning of a new year. A chance to promote critical thinking, wonder of the science, and the love of knowledge. So Gott Nytt Ar.

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