Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to All.
Odds and Ends. A thought I had about homeopathy. A prinicipal I learned was that in medicine "The solution to pollution is dilution". Which when applied to surgery means that when a dirty wound is encounter irrigate, irrigate and irrigate some more. In eye trauma from caustics such as acids and lyes before even coming to the ER or seeing a doctor the person is advised to irrigate, irrigate and irrigate some more. That is why in business that deal with chemicals one usually sees eye irrigation fountains. Then after you do see the doctor the treatment is, you guessed it, irrigate, irrigate, and irrigate some more. By this time gallons of water has been used. So if the prinicpal of homeopathy is correct all the irrigation in surgery of dirty wounds actually makes them worse and infections would be inevitable. And all the irrigation to the eyes for chemical burns will just dissolve the eyes right out of the sockets of the head.
Yesterday I was surfing and came upon a wonderful little bit on Yourtube. A card trick. And it is interactive. You are asked to pick a card and pick it from some shown on the screen. The trickster then puts the cards on the screen values facing away from you and you are asked to pick a card. The neat part is this part is interactive and it will light up when you pick it with your mouse. Cool! Next you see the cards and the persons hand picks the card you picked and removes it. Then he flips the cards over showing the face values, suits etc. And viola your card is not there. How does he do it? It took me a while and then I figured it out. In comments tell me how you think it is done and in the next post I will describe it.

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