Friday, January 2, 2009

Answer to Youtube Card Trick

The answer is (drum roll please); They changed the cards. They show 6 cards and ask you to choose a card then they ask you to pick a card interactively to remove. The next set of 6 cards doesn't show your card. That is it is a different 6. There are 3 face cards per suite. There are 4 suites in a deck. That makes 12 face cards in a deck. The first set of cards they show is one half of that 12 from which you choose a card. The next half of course will not have your card. If your not wise to the game it looks amazing and you could think that you are psychic. But if you go back and really look at the cards you figure it out. That is the name of critical thinking and skepticism. Question what you see and look at the evidence. Cool huh?

Skeptical DoDo

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