Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stem Cells and COPD

If you remember back about the COPD and stem cells in Mexico. Well the individual who had this done was kind enough to reveal his Pulmonary Function Tests to me. January of last year, 08, his PFTs revealed severe COPD. The repeat test this January still shows severe COPD. But it did show a 7% improvement. Now, I consulted a local Pulmonalogist who tells me that number is within the effort and experimental error for PFTs. A significant improvement is defined as 15%. That is the number used and what an inhaler will produce. So even if the stem cells did have this small improvement, it was worse than want an ordinary hand inhaler of albuteral can do. We appreciate this person sending his PFTs, but it proves the case the Mexican Stem Cells treatment for COPD is at best wishful thinking and unforturnatly is preying on the hopes of people and is FRAUD!

Skeptical DoDo

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