Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colon Clear Formula and Total Body Purifier

I recently had a fellow tell me about Cellular Research Formulas (The Science of Wellbeing) Colon Clear Formula and Total Body Purifier. He had some problems, like diabetes not being treated and elevated liver function tests. His bottles were empty and I asked him if I could have them, and he said "sure". I then looked at the bottles. The direction were straight forward. It says, the colon one, to start with one tablet in the morning and then one in the evening. Increase by one tablet twice a day until you get two bowel movements per day. First what is normal bowel movements? I had a gastroenterologist teach me many years ago that the normal range of BMs is any where from one per week to 2-3/day. The average is one per day and that is what Madison Ave is trying to sell you with regularity potions, pills and other stuff. The body purifier say one three times per day with large glass of water. I then looked at the ingrediants. The body purifier has stuff like alfalfa powder, dandilion powder, licorice powder, marshmellow powder, chickweed powder, ginger, slippery elm powder (what is that? opposite of sticky elm), blue green algae (isn't that same stuff you find in fish tanks that haven't been cleaned for a while or ponds?) black cohash, chinese almonds etc. I am not sure how this stuff is suppose to clean the body, but some of the ingrediants (and this is not all of them listed) can cause liver problems. The colon cleansing one has a interesting hodgpodge of stuff in it also, including various sugars. But the main one is cascara a known stimulant laxiative. Chronic use of laxiatives are known to cause a condition called melanosis coli, That is the inside of your colon becomes black and doesn't work anymore without simulation. A lot of the ingrediants look like stuff I could get from my lawn or garden, or a swamp. Most organics are broken down in the gastrointestinal system and do nothing. Some like cascara are pharmacologically active. Some of the herbs can cause poblems, like increase liver enzymes and damage to that organ. Be careful, the BS be sold out there is questionable at best and at worse can harm you.

Skeptical DoDo

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