Sunday, February 8, 2009


If anyone was watching tonight. NatGeo had a beautiful seris about evolution. Morph. It talked about the three lines of descent of the raptors to turkey, wolf like creature to whales and bears. It was esquisite. Next Tuesday they talk about Darwins travels. This is real science, real biology. Bravo National Geographic. Our next meeting will be this coming Friday and we have a guest speaker Asst. Prof Ma of MSU in economics talking about our current economic crisis. I will then the next week show a seris made by Richard Dawkins called the Genius of Darwin. A BBC documentary shown in England. I hope to show it in one hour episodes one or two weeks a part for the anniversary of Darwin and the Origin of Speicies. It you go to B&N at the mall an interesting thing I noticed. They have a small table holding books on evolution within sight of the religious books. I am getting to the idea that it is time we take the gloves off. If creationist want to be mean and deragatory about us and science then it is time when they come up with their excuses it should be made plain that their ideas are stolen, without substance and pitiful. Now we must continue with the work. Other ideas, astrology, homoeopathy, rikki, ghosts etc will be discussed. We should also discuss religion, as it is at the heart of much of this. I will try and get more guest speakers in the future also.

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Minot Skeptical society? How long have you been meeting? How often? Can any infidel such as myself sit in? We are talkin' Minot, ND right?So many questions!