Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Darwins Secret Journals

NatGeo did it again a wonderful expose on Darwins travels last night. It covered his adventures in South America and the islands of the oceans. This is where his most important ideas germinated, not the galopagos as popularily thought. A real tribute to his 200th birthday and the 150th year anniversary of publishing Origin of Species. As a up to date the creationist is probably mad at me. But just bring up the same old tired arguments is a waste of time. Oh by the way I have yet to see the data on immediate fossilization that he said he had. I question the veracity of his pronouncement at the meeting.

I got a comment wondering if any infidel can join our group. Yes they can. We meet once a month or try to. You can participate. But new rule we will not let anyone dominate the meeting like last time. Our next meeting is this Friday night at 7PM. We have guest speaker, an Asst. Prof. of Economics at MSU talking about the current economic crisis. It will be informative and interesting. See you there.

Skeptical DoDo

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