Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Genius of Darwin

Monday night movie of the The Genius of Darwin by Richard Dawkins was good. A few thoughtful people attended and the afterward discussion was great. The life and times of Charles Darwin was truely epoch making. It changed our whole conception of life. Most people don't realize that evolution was talked about before him, his father Erasmus Darwin for example, but it was Darwin who gathered the evidence and put a mechanism behind it. The creationist say they see the same evidence and come to different conclusion. False, they have a conclusion before they see the evidence and try and make the evidence fit their preconcieved conclusion. I have always wondered why they deny the evidence so forcefully. Is it because they are afraid of God. Is it they dont like be related to other life on earth. They have the idea that they are too divine? NO, I have an hypothesis. I think when they see the evidence they are looking into a mirror at the stark reality of themselves and they simple don't like themselves. For what ever it is worth we will have part two in couple weeks, stayed tuned.

Skeptical DoDo

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