Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Immediate Fossilization?

The friendly, if delusional, local creationist sent me a link to Ken Hamms Answers in Genius. Interesting clip, but it is not science. Ken Hamm is well know creationist who tries to do battle with science. He is ill equiped to handle the task. The site is not research, it is an argument, as is most creationist writings and an argument not based on any testable science. Keep trying to bring up arguments with no logic no evidence is so much babble. As I have said before to the creationist, he needs to go read the science then we can have a meaningful conversation, otherwise he is a pest. If he refuses then he is the closed minded one and will always be the looser. Educate your self before you try and have an intellingent argument, if not then everything that is said by you on the creationist side is just so much hot air. I gave you a list of books to read, go read them, I have heard your arguments before ad nauseum. We all have, nothing new. You go and look on your favorite creationist web site and get new argument that isn't well thought out at all. It is really pitiful. Open your mind and study the science, not the lies of creationism.

Skeptical DoDo

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