Thursday, February 12, 2009

Should We Change the Name

A member had an idea. I will quote him. If anyone has any preferences or opinions, tell me what you think?
Skepticism is a significant part of philosophical analysis and discussion. It forces evidence which is used as proof to be both adequately produced and adequately verified in order to justify a particular conclusion. Every philosophical premise or conclusion is subject to questioning and subject to reinterpretation if they fail to establish their valididity using rational analysis and the rules of logic. In other words, skepticism is so much a part of the philosophical process for establishing truth that philosophy, whether examining the conclusions of iductive thought or studying natural phenomena, would cease to exist as a process without these challenges to verify the premises onwhich they are based. In other words, skepticism is merely a tool in the actual process which is philosophy itself, and meaningful skepticism cannot be freestanding without the prinicipals of philosophy, either overt or implied.
I propose that the Minot group be identified as a philosophical society rather than a skeptical society. There are two reasons for my suggestion. First, Skeptics Society has a very negative connotation suggesting its goal or motive is to tear down or destroy something. In fact, as we know, the goal is actually to identify or establish truth using skepticism only as a tool to arrive at that truth. Second, for centuries societies or groups, dedicated to the same purposes as the Minot Skeptics Society, have been identified as "Philosophical Societies". More famous of these are the Philosophical Society of Paris, the Philosophical Society of London, the Philosophical Society of Rome, the American Philosophical Society, the Philosophical Society of Edinburgh, and so on. "The Philosophical Society of Minot" is a more accurate description of our liberal purpose and our wide interests and will be much less likely to create a negative impression (or worse) among the public. This is our members proposal and arguement. Please Let me know your preferences.

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