Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Decision is IN

Today the special court hearing the cases on autism as being caused by vaccines has resoundingly decided no. The science, ie. the numous studies foreign and domestic, has shown that there is absolutely no connection between vaccines particularly MMR and the perservative thiamerasol as causing autism. You can see and read the court decision yourself at The angst probably isn't over but it is one huge blow to the anti-vaccine crowd. In fact we are seeing in this country and others a resurgence of childhood diseases, like measles, that were once all but gone. Just because you maybe a mother, aka Jenny McCarthy, with a son is autistic doesn't give you special knowledge in what is wrong and why. And just wishing something were true doesn't make it so. Again; evidence! WE can sympathize with people like Jenny, but let the scientists and science work and figure it out. Don't put thousands of children at risk for your pet belief!

Skeptical DoDo

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