Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have been asked recently: Why? Why what I inquired. And the return answer was why be skeptical, why question everyone beliefs or favorite theories? That was a good question and I pondered it for a while and the following is my crack at an answer. If everyone has their own truth, then the truth has no meaning. My truth in my head is different from your truth, which is different from the other guys truth. That is no truth that is opinion. Then how do you tell the difference between truths. Some say "I feel it is right". Oh really! Feel is just that a feeling, an emotional response to a thought, nothing more. Lets get into the meat of the matter. The truth of chiroparactic, the truth of homeopathy, the truth of magnets, the truth of crystals, the truth of etc. Which is right? If you want to say they are all true then you have chaos and potential danger to lives and the loss of hard earned money by the gulliable. Remember P. T. Barnum said: "A fool is born every minute." Ok lets go deeper. The truth of Christianity, the truth of Mormonism, the truth of Judiasm, the truth of Islam, the truth of Hinduism, the truth of Budda, the truth of Thor, the truth of Amon Ra, etc. This can go on ad nauseum. The problem here is that everyone now and in histroy and prehistory have had their own religious truths. And people will fight and die for their particular brand of truth. They also thing they have the right by their diety to push it on to someone else. The truth of Creationism, Intelligent Design, evolution, the earth is on the back of turtles etc. Another so called conflict is the truth of global warming and not. How does one choose? One's religion is usually what one is brought up in and who one's peers are. One's belief in different treatments, evoluiton v creationism (ID), global warming v not and numerous other categories all depend on largely on ones background, friends, political persuasion, etc. So how do one tell what is true. Logically there is only one reality, different ways of perceiveing it, but only one reality. There is only one, and only one, answer. Evidence, testable, reproducable evidence. That is what scientific methodology does. It tells us about the one reality. It is not perfect, in contrast to some people say about their religion or favorite mind trip, but it continuely corrects itself. The others do not. Some people get mad about their favorite religion, god, creation myth, remedy etc. getting critique by skeptics. Some like John Edwards a so called psychic threatens lawsuits as does the ghost busting programs. They do this for several reasons. There claims cannot stand up to scientific scrutiny and it will interfer with their one true reason for existence, to scam money from the gullible. The idea of a law suite they believe will keep nay sayers away. Yes only the timid ones. But I do it because I care immensely about the truth, the one truth of reality. Also, history is full of examples of people expousing the other and the result has always been people getting ripped off, injured and death comes from the other. The ones who support the so called other truths have agendas, like power, wealth and something to hide to protect. They get others involved in their scams and believe in them to do their fighting, because they know they really have nothing worth fighting for. Those that refuse to believe the evidence are either afraid of the truth of reality, or their self image is no longer what they think it is. So I do it for truth, and as some one said: "and truth will set you free."
Skeptical DoDo

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