Monday, March 2, 2009


It is all over the blogs. Poor Sen. Harkin of Iowa his National Complemetary and Alternative Medicine agency, a part of the NIH, is proving that most of his favorite stuff doesn't work. He wants it to approve CAM without testing. This guy has been trying since the 1990's to get his alternative medicine stuff approved without proof. Oh too bad senator. Your wu is showing. He admitts that it isn't doing what he wanted. He thinks bee pollen is the thing for what ails you. He is the one who got through congress the legislation that allows herbal this and alternative that to be sold with testing for safety or efficacy because to do otherwise would put the brakes on his selling bee pollen to his buds in congress. Oh the horror. This guy, a democrate, just shows that it doesn't matter what party you belong to, there is no lock and key on magical thinking and BS! Go to Science Based Medicine to get the whole story.

OH, by the way see you friday night at 7 PM for the 2nd part of "The Genius of Darwin".

Skeptical DoDo

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