Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vatican and Evolution

This mornings paper had an article saying that the Vatican endorses evolution as true. Well, that is good and old news. The last pope, John Paul II, said evolution was more than an hypothesis. The interesting part is Francisco Ayala, a former priest and professor of biological sciences and philosophy at the University of California at Irvine called creationism and intelligent design "blasphenmous" not only to science but also to Christian faith. He brought out the idea of what God would design the human jaw so small that wisdom teeth have to be pulled. I will had several. The eye, the icon of intelligent design, is not. The designer who designed the eye with the wires for processing and transporting images to go in front of the film or light sensitive screen and has a blind spot would be fired from a human design team. The prostate. Who would design something that would have the urethra going through the middle of that organ, the result of which is bladder obstruction. How about having a sewer system going through a theme park, as the rectum/anus and urinary system does through sexual reproduction and gratification center. How about the back that if you show it to a structural engineer they say it was designed for us to be on all fours, not walking up right. How about the gut that was designed to be suspended from the back with us on all fours, the back upright leads to more bowel obstruction. The proximity of the wind pipe and the food pipe naturally leads to choking. I can go on. These are all design flaws and if god designed them either he was an idiot, incompetent, or wasn't paying attention when he or she designed us, not to mention other animals and plants with similiar design flaws. Kind of embarrasing for a perfect being, wouldn't you say. These are all the things you would expect from evolution. Now the other christians would say that catholics have lost their way and are not true christians. They would also say that god has his reasons for these errors. Really, they are just going on ideology only and fit facts to fit their ideology. This also goes for any other religion, such as Islam, that embraces creationism. But truth and facts should never get in the way of one's beliefs, right?

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