Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Iowa the Next Domino in Discovery Institutes Plans?

Iowa is moving closer to the dark side. The "Evolution Academic Freedom" Bill, House file 183, is before the state legislature. 56 University of Iowa Professors have signed a petition against the bill. The bill would allow teachers at all educational levels, that includes higher ed, to teach religious theories as science and it would forbid teachers from discounting students non-science base answers on papers and tests. Show support for the Iowa professors and teachers fighting this bill. There has been a rash of these so called education freedom acts. They all have the smell of the Discovery Institute all over them. Have they learned from Dover and now have a coordinated attack to put into law in states these so called freedom acts? They dress it up with feel good words and hide the BS. Be on the look out. I don't know how to stop the stupid, do you?

Skeptical DoDo

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