Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Build a Dinosaur

I just finished reading an excellent book by Jack Horner, Professor of palentology at the university of the Rockies. He is actually encouraging such a project, but it is the purpose of learning about evo-devo the new area of biology that puts fossils, embryology, genetics, and molecular biology together. He is a good story teller and I highly recommend this fascinating book. It is summary in tour de force of the current understanding of evo-devo. It explains the theories, methods and insights in this new and rapidly expanding discipline in the scientific basket. He soundly defeats creationism and shows that it is not scientific. He brings in philosophy of science and its goals. An excellent book. Remember April 15 at the Minot Public Library the 3rd episode of the Genius of Darwin, the controversial episode. See you there.

Skeptical DoDo

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