Saturday, April 4, 2009

Personhood Bill Defeated

Thank goodness for small wonders. The North Dakota Senate has defeated a proposal to bestow human rights on fertilized eggs according to the Minot Daily. The bill was voted down by 29 to 16. The reason was that it would make it difficult for women to get the medical care they needed if they were pregnant. True and it would have made abortion and stem cell research illegal, if it had passed. It is nice to see that cooler heads prevailed. However, they did bow to the so called pro life advocates by approving a measure that any abortion clinic must do a ultrasound and show the picture to woman seeking an abortion, which is done in most abortion clinics now anyway. They need to know the precise trimester and gestional age and the only way to know that is with an ultrasound. Another requirement is that the woman must be told that abortion would be ending a human life. I think the mother already knows that. That also brings up the question of what is human life? Every cell in a humans body is human life. Every tumor cell is human life. This to me is a stupid requirment and idea. Should we not treat cancer because it is human life? Then the question always goes to soul. What is that. I at one time thought I knew, now I must admit I don't. It is a nebulous concept at best. If it refers to personality, well that is in the mind which a by product of our brain. And does it go on living after our bodies are dead? We don't know. Some say they do, they are just speculating. Any way I go off on a tangent. At least the stupid bill trying to define human life was defeated, for now.
Skeptical Dodo

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