Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hypocracy, Free Speech, Violence

I have been watching the media about the murder of Dr. Tiller in Witchata Ks. I have some thoughts. First no one likes abortion. Fact; people will have sex and have babies out of wedlock no matter what. Fact; as I have stated before in the mid 1930's over 15,000 women per year died due to illegal abortion. Fact; in this country free speech is a protected right no matter how vile, racist, pornographic etc the speech is. However, when groups openly call for bombings and murder of doctors who perform abortion, and you can find this on web sites of the radical groups and somewhat endorsed by the so called moderates this is a atrocity. But it is free speech. Also, it is hypocracy as the religious endorse forgivness, love your enemy, turn the other cheek etc. But it is similiar to Islam. Islam claims to be a peaceful religion, but the moderates sort of tongue in cheek deride the violence but to themselves endorse it. The other thing that is hypocracy is the wanting free speech for themselves, but wanting to deny it to others. I am calling the radical Christian fundamentalists and the radical Muslim fundamentalist birds of a feather. Neither group aknowledges facts, other than their own; aknowledge others rights other than their own; moderates in both groups are either tacitly approve of the violent actions or are so afraid of the radical arms of their relgion and political groups that they do not speak out or will not speak out against such actions. The one exception was Schaeffer who helped found the radical Christian right apologized publically for what he did. He seemed to be the only one with something close to prinicipals. The others have prinicipals only if it suits them.

Skeptical DoDo

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