Thursday, June 4, 2009

Link 2

I finished the book Link by Colin Tudge. It is about the fossil find from Germany Ida. This has had a lot of publicity recently. It was first found by a private collector at the Messel site in Germany and hidden away for 20 years. A scientist from Oslo Norway obtained and put together a research team to study it. I like the book for its way of explaining evolution and particularly that of primates. It is very clear to a lay person. So for that reason I would recommend the book. I question calling it a link as that term is discouraged by scientists in the field anymore. The paper about its discovery and evaluation was only just published. The peer review has only just started and it will be years before the verdict is in. However, from the stand point of getting the public to be interested in the find and evolution of our cousins the primates through all the noise of creationism and intelligent design, which is the same thing really, the publicity might have been worth it. I don't know that I will put it in the list of books I have on this site, but I do recommend it for reasons I sighted.

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