Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Penn and Teller

We just got back from Sin City, Las Vegas. No I am not a very good gambler. That city was built by losers, not winners. I had a class to take. But, at the end of class we went and saw Penn and Teller at their show at the Rio. I have got to say that they are truely magnificent live and up close. Their best known tricks they show with some new ones. Ever present is Penns commentary on how the tricks or done and skepticism on the psychics, frauds and other such persons. Their famous trick of burning the flag and its reappearance with commentary makes me feel proud to be an American and Skeptic. Afterwards they have a meet and greet in the antruim of the theater. We wore our new Minot Skeptical Society t-shirts and got pictures with Penn and Teller. They were truely impressed with our logo, shirt and organization, in what little time I had to talk to them. Teller knows latin and could read the slogan on the back of the shirt, very very impressive. We gave them each a shirt. Penn had to get a very large one one, he is 6 foot 7 inches tall. If you are a skeptic, or not, and want to see a truely great show, I highly recommend Penn and Teller at the Rio. You can get tickets early on line at their website. Remember our next meeting is the Faith Panel at the Public Library on July 15 at 7 pm.
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