Sunday, June 14, 2009

What Is In the Paper Today

I am going to from time to time list or briefly talk about releavant articles or ads we or I find in our local paper, good and bad. First the bad. I found a advertisement in Parade called "750 Year Old European Health Discovery Ends Heartburn, Gas Pain, Indigestion". It claims immediate effect. Couple problems if it is 750 years old, why is it now a discovery? Next it dresses up wolves in sheep clothing again using psuedoscientific lingo about this "miracle cure". Remember the red flags from a previous post? Another bad is the ever present Horoscope. Astrology can be entertaining, but it is bogus. There is no evidence that any of it is true. In fact you can go to a city, say New York, which has multiple papers and find a horoscope in each. The point is that each horoscope in each for the same birthday gives a different reading. This was done many years ago by Carl Sagan. What is amazing to me is that people still buy this tripe. Now for the good news I found a Mini Page about "Rediscovering Pompei". A great article for the young, as that is who I think it is targeted for. It wonderfully gives the history of Pompei and its discovery during the 19th century. Next, right after that another wonderful article for the young, I think, called "World of Wonder" and it is about the unmanned space probes launched by NASA. These are truely great articles as they are informative and don't try to sell BS. Keep it up on these types of articles Minot Daily.

Skeptical DoDo

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