Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Todays News

Going through our local paper today, I find no article selling bogus stuff. That is great. But the serious thing that is in all the news is the violence in Iran. I have an acquaintance and friend who is from Iran and she is justly upset about things going on there. She has family there still. The revolution during the Carter Administration and the hostage crisis of that time still colors our relations with that country. I find it laudable for Obama to try and make contact in the way he did. However, it is also interesting to me to note that the Iranian revolution was in the name of Allah, God, and those clerics used it as a way to impose a theocracy. That theocracy is now showing the evil head of such a system. It is not Allah, God, who is running the show but some old men who call themselves men of God that want control and maintain it. This is for their own benefit, not those of the people of Iran. It is sold as "his will" and is meant for them to maintain control. There democracy, if you can call it such, has a cleric at the top, not elected and he has the final say over the government and the people, because he has the ear of Allah, God. He knows his will. BS. Is what this is and they, the clerics, want nothing more to have their version of Gods will, government on earth in that country. If the people go against, or find out now that such systems are really totalitarian dictatorships. The interesting part to me is that the government, clerics, are trying to clamp down on communications, because they don't want the world to find out that the people are truely upset about their little piece of heaven on earth. And they can't do it!

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