Monday, July 27, 2009


We had a doctor from Bismarck, a Integrative Medicine specialist, come up to talk at noon and is currently talking to our interns about native american medicine. She gave a talk about accupuncture at noon. I listen through most of it and then I couldn't stand it any more. She talked about accupuncture as being a form of "energy medicine". She talked about the history of accupuncture, but didn't give the whole history, including James Rustan visit in 1971. She babbled about this possible theory of the way it works and that one. How it was an amazing cure all for not only pain, but for addiction, obesity, and numerous other ailments. She brought up things to explain it like chaos theory, fractals, and bunch other theories that have to do with physics etc. She also talked about it being preventative medicine. The philosophy of accupuncture and chinese medicine. I have heard all this before. So I started speaking by first complimenting her on her presentation. I could tell she is not comfortable talking to audiences. Then I explained the rest of the history of accupuncture, and then talked about the poor quality of the studies that have been done. Also, explained that the accupuncture used for anesthesia was in addition to pain meds, and anesthesia. The my partner Wade started asking questions. He later told me I was a little hard on her. She realized I was a skeptic, like that was a dirty word. Wade found out that she does it due to personal experience, not due to any scientific studies proving the efficacy. This is typical of woo, lots of theories, poor studies, trying to denigrate science and traditional medicine, not telling the whole truth, etc. In other words if you cannot dazzle someone with your brillance, baffle them with bullshit.
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