Monday, July 27, 2009

North Dakota State Fair

We went to the fair tonight. Fair food, funnel cakes, and watching the wild life walking the grounds. It is very entertaining. We went into couple commercial exhibit buildings after going to the bunny barn, my wifes favorite. I counted 8 commercial woo exhibits. The magnet sales people were there again selling their magnet bracelets and necklaces and promoting that they will cure anything. Therapeutic massage, whatever that is. Couldn't one just enjoy someone massaging your tired old body without trying to sell you on the cure that it gives for, well anything. The magic back support that cures all sciatic and other back ailments. The computer psyhic machine, now that is real woo. Magic potions and all sorts. I am just amazed by the number of woo peddlers at the fair. I wonder how many actually buy this tripe. But as P. T. Barnum once said; "there is a fool born every minute."

Skeptical DoDo

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