Monday, October 12, 2009


Last night on the Discovery show was an excellent program on the 4.4 million year old homind ardi.  It was very informative and showed how science works.  The 15 year project of putting all the evidence together utilizing scientists from many countries and many disciplines.  It was a perfect example of how science has a hypothesis or presupposition and if the test proves it wrong science throws out the hypothesis and finds a new one.  As opposed as to how creationists do it, ie. the start a with a hypothesis or presupposition and and it the test proves it wrong, ie. special creation of humans, they throw out the test.  Case in point is the idea that up right walking on two legs started on the savanah.  The research showed Ardi evolved in a forest.  New hypothesis is now bipedal walking evolved as a sexual selection pressure on males to provide more food.  Bipedalism allows the male to carry more food back to his mate and children and therefore give an evolutionary advantage to it.  This is particularly important as this form of locomotion is so much unlike any other in the animal kingdom, unless you think God is bipedal and since we are created in his image, he must be bipedal.  I can just hear the creationists saying that too.  My answer would be if god is omnipresent, why would he need to walk any way?  The exciting thing coming out of the show was they are finding even older, ie. 5 million year old, homind fragments.  This is pushing back our lineage closer to the last comon ancestor with the chimps 6-7 million years ago.  This is even grander a view of life and our origins than anything man can make up, ie. the bible.
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