Sunday, October 11, 2009


I finished a book by Jennifer Michael Hecht called Doubt a history.  It not your everyday quick read, but is interesting from our point of view.  It is the history of doubt from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and Penn and Teller.  It covers doubt as it grew and survived the polythesitic religion of the Greeks and Romans through Judiasm, Christianity and Islam.  The other bonus is I now also understand more of the Hindu religion and Buddiasm as it goes into those also.  It is primarily on doubt of religion but it does cover the doubt of creation, atomism etc.  If you are interested, however, in easy reads this book is not for you.  If you are interested in doubt and skepticism as it developed not only in the western world, but the east, then this will provide you with a worthy resource. The author is an historian and also a poet.  What is cool is right at the very beginning of the book she provides a "Scale of Doubt Quiz".  She also provides a way for you to self score yourself and see how skeptical you are.  I will put it into the read list, but it is not for the one who likes to skim a book or light reads, as it will definitely get you to think.  And that after all is what skepticism is about. 

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