Sunday, November 22, 2009

CFI Trip

Hola; Como esta? It was a great time. Just back from a trip with the Center for Inquiry on board the Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship. A 10 day cruise to the western Carribean. We visited Costa Rica, Panama and Belize. There were over 60 people attending the CFI event. Notables like Paul Kurtz (founder and CEO of CFI), Ken Frazier (editor or Skeptical Inquirer), Pat Schroder (was congresswoman from Colorado and past President of the Publisher Association), Emily Kingsley (writer for 40 years for Seasome Street), Lawrence Krause (cosmologist at Case Western and now Arizona State) and others. Good talks. Yours truely had to video it, and without a stand it is a little wobbly. When I get done editing them I will send them to CFI and they will put them on youtube and I will also link to their site. We discussed woo, the beginning of the cosmos and its end, amoung other topics. As I get organized I will post pictures and tell about the adventure. For those so inclined they have a travel club and announce their trips. If you are interested I would highly recommend you consider taking a trip with them.

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