Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meeting 11/6/09

A good meeting. I successfully recorded the presentation and Q&A. But I am trying to figure out how to get it on here. One person there was an anti-vaxer. When we talked a little bit about the anti-vax movement as part of the presentation she got irritated. She made the comment that there are docs that are against vaccines. I agreed, but also said they are in the minority and their ideas are not accepted by the medical community. All the data supports vaccines. She got up and walked out. I think this is a form of confirmation bias. You only see information that supports your beliefs or ideas. If you hear something that is totally against yours you prefer not pay attention, deny it or avoid it. It is indeed a brave person that goes and listens to another point of view. I am reminded of what George Patton said after he won a battle against Rommels Afrika Corps. "I read your book!" At least that is how it came out in the movie Patton. The risk is that you may be swayed that that point of view is correct. Or you may not, but then you gain insight to the other point of view and learn how to counter their arguments. The choice is yours. As skeptics we prefer evidence lead to conclusions and decisions, not beliefs, wishes or fantansies.

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