Monday, November 30, 2009

The picture is of Paul Kurtz with yours truely. This is from the trip to the western Caribbean. For those that do not know Paul Kurtz is the founder and leader of the Center for Inquiry. He is also the founder and publisher of Promethous books. He gave some good talks on the trip. He talked about the fate of books and publishing in the 21st Century in the light of ebooks, the internet and the like. He also talked about science and its relationship to humanism, ethics etc. He is professor of philosophy of science. He is quite active polically. He has know some greats. People like Steve Allen, and others. I recorded the lectures from the trip and sent them to CFI. Once they up load them on youtube I will put them on the video bar.

Skeptical DoDo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work. Have been a skeptic for a long time...just found your stuff. Nice. It can be tuff in ND to fight the nonsense at times. Keep up the good work...hope to see you at the next meeting.