Monday, December 7, 2009

B & N

Over the weekend I was out shopping at the mall here in town. The magnet sellers of woo are back. But what I noticed was at one of my favorite stores. Barnes and Noble has the science and philosophy sections together and not very big. But what was big was the religion and New Age books. Now the new age woo is over by the religion stuff and maybe that is how it should be. But what I notices is how much more room in the store it takes up. Are people that much more interested in faith, supernatural and BS (Basic Speculation) that real honest science, nature and thinking? If the size is anything to indicate, then it does. That is disturbing to me because it is not through faith and woo that we will solve our problems, but through critical thinking and science. If people really put that much stock in the woo then I don't have much hope for our species, let alone our planet to survive. Lets hope that it will reverse itself. Any way Happy Holidays!
Skeptical DoDo

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