Thursday, December 3, 2009

Those Pesky Money Marking Pens at Menards

I went to Menards here in town this week and gave the cashier a $20. She marked it with those yellow colored pens. I told her that those are worthless. She said they are not and she is suppose to use them or she will be fired. She said she once saw some money turned black and they took the money to the infared detector. I asked her if she knew how it worked and she did not. She was very busy so we couldn't talk any more. But this is an example of bosses being ignorant and imposing their ignorance on their employees. Go to the video bar and look at the James Randi clip about the Secret Service and those pesky money marking pens. The secret service themselves say that the pens are unreliable. They work by a simple reaction you all witnessed in high school. It has tincture of iodine in the ink of the pen. The sizing on paper is starch. Iodine on starch turns black. That is all the pen is detecting. You can take some ordinary history paper and mark it and it will stay yellow. It is patented by the company that sells them, but you patent anything. So more balony in Minot and this time at a large business here Menards.
Skeptical DoDo

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