Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chiropractor Review Article Refutes Subluxation as Cause of Disease

Just published in the Chiropractic and Osteopathy Journal a review article by 4 chiropractors, one from South Dakota, using Hills criteria for epidemiologic significance of subluxation as a causal factor for disease is found to lack evidence. This is a major publication by chiropractors in a chiropractic research journal itself. It is now out in the December 2 issue of that publication. What is Hills criteria? It, according to the paper itself and can be found is; 1. strength of association, 2. consistency, 3. specificity, 4. temporality of sequence, 5. dose response, 6. experimental evidence 7. biological plausibility, 8. coherence and 9. analogy. And they form the "fundamental prerequisites and assessment of the cause-effect relationship. The authors examined databases fro PubMed, Cinahl, and Mantis. Their basic conclusion was that no study demonstrated a satisfactory link of evidence to the basic chiropractic prinicipal of subluxation as a cause of disease. The last statement in the article is telling; "This lack of supportive evidence suggests the subluxation construct has no valid clinical applicability."
Skeptical DoDo


Reuben Ternes said...

Thanks for making ND a slightly more intelligent place. It's good to know that my home state has some good skeptical scientists willing to buck popular trends.

Anonymous said...

This is a remarkable article, simply and clearly written. I applaud the authors for clarifying and enumerating the critiques I as a rheumatologist intuitively developed over the years -- jhl