Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

To all the fine skeptics and those that are not have a Happy and Safe New Year. We had a good year with many presentations, learning, and applying critical thought to all claims devices, beliefs etc. PZ Myers Presentation on Evolutionary Denialism was a success with over 150 attending. The video has had over 3200 hits. We have made contact with other skeptic groups in the country such as Grassroots Skeptics. We have made contact with famous skeptics, besides PZ there were Penn and Teller, Center for Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer publisher and editors, Paul Kurtz and Kenneth Frazier. We hopefully if not have convinces the nonskeptics and the believer at least have at least shown them that we are not monsters and evil people. Hopefully we can have new dialogue with them and new understandings. 2010 will be an interesting year. Monday the 4th we have Dr. Darrell Williams talking about Science and Spirituality. We have Hector Avalos from Iowa State University comeing in April. We are investgating and hopefully be able to make our organization that one can donate to and have that money deductied from taxes. We look for new ideas as to presentations, formats etc. New members are always welcome. Learning and having fun can happen together. We will continue to promote science, education, and the sister disciplines. We will continue to try and turn the magnifying glass onto magical thinking, fraud, mythology, and just plain woo. To do different invites self deception, hucksterism, and is a danger to our community and in many cases our survival. So a Happy New Year, Gott Nytt Ar, Feliz Nuevo Anno, to one and all in three languages,that I know a little.

Skeptical DoDo

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