Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Darwin Didn't Know

I have just finished watching on PBS the show "What Darwin Didn't Know." A magnificent presentation combining Darwin and Evo-Devo. The show went into the history of Darwin and used that as a spring board into todays science using evolutionary development and genetics. Scientists are getting ever so much closer to what makes us human, the mutations, not in the structure genes, but in the regulatory genes. We have the same structure genes as all other animals. What makes us different is the way they are turned on and off and what sequence that makes us. If this show comes on again PBS I heartily recommend it. I afraid the creationist will not, or will skew it to fit their own agenda. The problem with them they do not want to understand, in fact they refuse to. It is too bad, because a better understanding of evolution, genetics etc, will only lead to better understanding of ourselves and will gave answers to questions that have long plagued mankind. Disease, and our place in the natural world will be answered. Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!
Skeptical DoDo.

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