Saturday, January 23, 2010

ADE 561

S man named James McCormick has recently been arrested by English authorities for fraud. He sells a device called the ADE 561 Bomb Detector Device. He claims to have sold $85,000,000 worth of these things. He was formally in the U.S. selling another device and was found out. He fled to the U.K. and just changed the name to the ADE 561. He also claims that it works on the same principal of dowsing rods, but programmed to detect explosives. James Randis organization has been hot on the heels of this con man. He sold some devices to the Iraqi general in charge of security. Do you remember recently about the many deaths from bombs within the last few weeks to month or so from bombs due to the terrorists. Well it has been linked that the areas were swept by these devices. No wonder the terrorist succeeded. When these devices have been confiscated they have been shown to contain nothing. Sandia labs have evaluated the devices and found them to be fraudulent. This is con artists using woo to get rich and in the process kill or maim Innocent people. This is the danger of woo of any flavor. You can go to Youtube and click on James Randi and the ADE 561 to get his take on the situation. Our own security forces have bought them. Who is to blame? We need skeptics who can offer expert opinions to the government agencies and the private sector to prevent such atrocities from occurring.

Skeptical DoDo

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