Monday, January 25, 2010

ABC Peek at Exlosive Detector Dowsing Rod

Last night on ABC there was a new story about the bombings in Bagdad again yesterday where many people were killed and injured. There was a very short blurb about the fake explosive detector. They said it came from the U.K. and it was questionable whether it worked. There was also a short picture of the device being used by a security personel. It didn't go into the facts that this is woo woo that was sold to gullible government officials of Iraq. Nor did it comment on the fact that the use of this device has cost lives and injuries to scores of people. If there is any greater example of how woo can hurt someone, this is it. And the mainstream media just glanced over it. At least I give ABC credit for at least mentioning it, none of the other news outlets even mentioned the bombing much let alone the dowsing rod explosive detector. A deeper story would have caused outrage among the populace. What is going on? Not news enough or is the mainstream media trying to protect someone? I am appauled at this utter contempt for people lives by the media. Not newsy enough! The reason for the increasing bombings being successful in Iraq is as I posted on the last blog. If peoples health and lives are at risk, shouldn't government officials be more concerned with what the scientific evidence says?

Skeptical DoDo

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Anonymous said...

Check out Plil Plaits Bad Astronomy blog. There is a great link to a 2 minute or so expose on this thing.