Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Presidents Speech

The presidents speech at the State of the Union was remarkable in its optimism and it honesty in laying out the cold hard facts. The problem is that business in Washington will continue as usual. Why? Because of human nature. And part of that was shown in the Republican response. People are selfish, and believe only what they want to believe, not what evidence shows. And if they have evidence they bend it to their own beliefs. A good proof of this was the audible response, primarely from the republican side, on the global climate change issue that Obama brought up. Money, prestige (or preception of that) and power drive humans in leadership roles. I think Obama may be the exception to the rule, however. He clearly does what are not politically in his best interests, but in the interest of what he thinks is that of Americans. He promotes education and science. The health care debate is a example of the political storm that damages his image. Although I think most of what contrary is manufactored by the right in their efforts to bring him down and by the selfish interests of giant insurance corporations. IN his speeches Obama reminds me more of JFK than anyone else. High minded, optimistic, but fighting against the forces of human nature; greed, selfishness, and belief based thinking not evidence. I wish him well, but with evidence of faulty belief based thinking, greed and selfishness his and our fight is going to be tough if not impossible. That is enough political commentary. Back to skepticism.

Skeptical DoDo

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