Thursday, January 28, 2010

Andrew Wakefield Found Guilty

Andrew Wakefield the doctor in England who started the antivax movement has been found guilty of unethical conduct by what is equivalent to the AMA here. Too little too late. If you remember Wakefield is the one who published that vaccines cause autism. He paid children to submit blood samples at his son birthday party. He did spinal taps without indication. He was already paid money by attorny to provide him evidence to sue vaccine companies. The list goes on. What will happen now will take months. The sad truth of all of this is that the antivaxers don't accept evidence that is contrary to their ideology. Just like creationists, chiropractors, homeopaths, etc. Truth means nothing to these people, unless it is their own truth and that is anything they say it is. I am afraid it is going to take a major epidemic with millions of children and adults dieing or becoming disabled to change things. But that may even not work as they will twist things around to fit their own warped thoughts. But at least it is one small victory in England. Lets rejoice in that.

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Liz Ditz said...

One of my blogging habits is to collate pro and con posts on a particular issue.

One reason to do so is that each blog has its own set of commenters and often the comments reveal aspects of the issue previously not considered elsewhere.

Today's issue is the UK's General Medical Council's ruling on Andrew Wakefield.

I've included this post in the list.

The list can be found at

FWIW, At this time, the "vaccines DO TOO cause autism / Andy Wakefield will be vindicated" blog posts stand at 7; the "GMC findings are correct / sound science is eventually self-correcting" posts stand at 38.