Saturday, January 30, 2010

U.K. 1023 Campaign

Go to and see a marvalous example of skeptical activitism in action. There is a pharmacy chain in the U.K. called Boots. It sells homeopathic medicine. The organizers of this campaign all over England have met and at exactly 10:23 on the day appointed all overdosed on homeopathic medicine. Specifically a 30C preparation of belladona in front of the pharmacy. The point is to dramatize the shear stupidity of homeopathy. None died in the mass OD. Legit pharmacies are selling worthless remedies simple to make money and don't care if the so called medicine is sham and out right quackery. Now don't think that we here in Minot are not that gullible. There are brand name pharmacies in Minot that also sell homeopathic medicines. Go look for yourself in the appropriate section of your favorite pharmacy. You can see it on youtube the od in various english cities. Maybe we should do something like that here? Let me know.

Skeptical DoDo

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