Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lancet Retract Wakefiels Paper

The Lancet officially came out today and retracted Andrew Wakefields flawed study of 1998. This occured one day after the British Medical Journel issued a comment calling for the Lancet to formally retract the paper. 10 out of 13 of Wakefields co-authors several years ago renounced the studies conclusions. The Lancet editors stated: "We fully retract this paper from the published record." The British General Medical Council ruled last week that Wakefield showed "callous disregard" for children used in the study and acted unethically. Wakefield, I cannot bring myself to call him doctor any more, was on the doles of lawyers prior to the study, didn't go to Institutional Review Board, which is an requirment of any researcher doing any research on human subjects and in fact lied that he did. I agree with other bloggers that this is a victory, however the antivaxers will not even shrug with this. They will twist and make up stuff to account for it, like it is conspiracy, Lancet publishers were payed off etc. Evidence means nothing to them, as evidently their children don't really mean anything to them either, otherwise they would vaccine to protect them.
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