Thursday, February 18, 2010

Science and Politics

The meeting had a good attendence and new members. The video of Dr. Lawrence Krause on the subject during the cruise last fall was shown. After the video there was a lively discussion. The major points were that the media does a poor job reporting on science issues. One is that they are condition to fair and balance reporting. Problem is that in science when two hypothesis are shown or examined relating to an issue one is usually wrong. So the issues of global warming, evolution and nuclear weapons were brought up by Dr. Krause. New information on global warming was presented that the group last night never had seen before. But what really got them was the idea of the media journalests are not allowed, or will not report on anything outside their areas. The group last night thought that was wrong. Then the discussion turned to energy, since North Dakota is an energy producing state. One of our guests was a professor at MSU and was an expert in energy economics. So the discussion got really interesting with regards to oil production, wind, solar and nuclear energy. One of our members for Marchs meeting will be talking about oil production and its consequences. Remember too that the April meeting will be at the Carnegie Center and will be Dr. Hector Avalos, Professor of Theology at Iowa State University and his topic will be the End of Bibilical Studies.

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