Friday, March 5, 2010

Creationist Prefer Stupidity

I was trying to have a conversation on Facebook with a relative. His father, one of my favorite cousins, is a religionist and creationist. He was talking about Jesus and Gods love and all that and he automatically said I was preaching when I tried to correct him on some facts. He didn't get it that he was the one actually preaching. Something else interesting for some reason he brought up the neting many years ago off the coast of Japan a large animal that he said was a plesiosaur. I tried to correct him that it was a badly decomposed whale. And then he said I was wrong because the picture on the internet was obviously an extinct sea reptile. Then he went on about the teaching of the big bang in science classes. I tried to explain to him about the evidence for it and again the preaching thing. He then went on about the atheist universities and scientists. This was getting a little much. The was no reasoning with him and I just ended the conversation. Several points I learned. Creationist are indoctrinating their children very well and they are trying to preach. They don't like to be corrected and told to study the other sides literature, they prefer stupidity. They are intolerant of other view points. Interesting side point on this he then said I was intolerant because I wouldn't listen to him. It is amazing how they turn things around, almost by reflex, to support their own side. Also, they refuse to even consider any other evidence. Any other evidence they say is the devils work and that justifys their not learning and being ignorant. One final point, his father and I still talk and have affection for one another, we grew up together. But, the views that are being taught to their children is only becoming more extreme. I fear for the future of this country and mankind.

Skeptical DoDo

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