Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Feces Sherlock

We went and saw that Sherlock Holmes movie last night. It was interesting. The theme I found fascinating. Supposedly this evil person is caught doing black magic and in the process of killing another person when caught. He had already killed several before. He was hanged and apparently came back to life. All of London was panicing and this evil person was going to try and take over England and the world. Sherlock figured it out with the help of his friend and physician Watson and his girl friend. I didn't know Sherlock had a girlfriend. Any way Sherlock figured it out and captured the criminal. There were a secret society that sounded a lot like the Masons that the evil mass murderer, dictator hopeful used. But the gist was that there was no magic or coming back from the dead. It was all trickery and using science to evil ends. Sherlock used science and logic to deduce all this and saves England and the world. Many familial themes that resonate today. I was or am a Mason and know that there is no world conspiracy to control the world, that is all poppy cock (as they say in England) made up by conspiracy theorists. I liked that logic and science was able to be used by some lone or few smart guys and girl to come up with the answer and the solution. Yes science can be used for evil, but science is neutral as to purpose or ethics, it is up to the users or disusers to decide the purposes for evil or good. The show had great special effects showing with what I think was fairly good accuracy what mid 19th Century London was like in the middle of the industrial revolution. It was entertaining movie, although I wouldn't call it great.

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